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Newfoundland Time GMT -3.5hours
Atlantic Time (AT) GMT -4 hours
Eastern Time (ET) GMT -5 hours
Central Time (CT) GMT -6 hours
Mountain Time (MT) GMT -7 hours
Pacific Time (PT) GMT -8 hours
Alaska Time  GMT -9 hours
Hawaii Time  GMT -11 hours

Most states and provinces use Daylight Saving Time in the summer months.  In most places, the date for moving the clock forward is the second Sunday of March. The clock moves back again on the first Sunday in November. (*Asterisks denote exceptions, where time stays the same year round!)

The following are the times zones of major cities in North America shown in hours behind GMT:

Albuquerque, NM (GMT-7)
Anchorage, AL (GMT-9)
Atlanta, GA (GMT-5)
Baltimore, MD (GMT-5)
Boston, MA (GMT-5)
Charleston, NC (GMT-5)
Chicago, IL (GMT-6)
Cleveland, OH (GMT-5)
Columbus, OH (GMT-5)
Dallas, TX (GMT-6)
Denver, CO (GMT-7)
Detroit, MI (GMT-5)
El Paso, NM (GMT-7)
Fairbanks, AL (GMT-9)
Honolulu, HI (GMT-11)
Houston, TX (GMT-6)
Indianapolis, IN (GMT-5)
Jacksonville, FL (GMT-5)
Jersey City, NJ (GMT-5)
Kansas City, KS (GMT-6)
Las Vegas, NV (GMT-8)
Los Angeles, CA (GMT-8)
Manchester, NH (GMT-5)
Memphis, TN (GMT-6)
Miami, FL (GMT-5)
Milwaukee, WI (GMT-6)
Minneapolis, MN (GMT-6)
New Orleans, LA (GMT-6)
New York, NY (GMT-5)
Norfolk, VA (GMT-5)
Oklahoma City, OK (GMT-6)
Philadelphia, PA (GMT-5)
Phoenix, AZ (GMT-7) *
Pittsburgh, PA (GMT-5)
Portland, OR (GMT-8)
Salt Lake City, UT (GMT-7)
San Antonio, TX (GMT-6)
San Diego, CA (GMT-8)
San Francisco, CA (GMT-8)
Seattle, WA (GMT-8)
St. Louis, MO (GMT-6)
Washington, DC (GMT-5)
Calgary, AB (GMT-7)
Edmonton, AB (GMT-7)
Halifax, NS (GMT-4)
Montreal, QC (GMT-5)
Ottawa, ON (GMT-5)
Regina, SK (GMT-6) *
Saint John, NB (GMT-4)
Saint John's, NF (GMT-3.5)
Saskatoon, SK (GMT-6) *
Toronto, ON (GMT-5)
Vancouver, BC (GMT-8)
Winnipeg, MB (GMT-6)

Acapulco, GRO (GMT-6)
Aguascalientes, AGU (GMT-6)
Chihuahua, CHH (GMT-6)
Ciudad Juárez, CHH (GMT-6)
Culiacán, SIN (GMT-7)
Durango, DUR (GMT-6)
Guadalajara, JAL (GMT-6)
Guaymas, SON (GMT-7)
Hermosillo, SON (GMT-7)
León, GUA (GMT-6)
Matamoros, TAM (GMT-6)
Mérida, YUC (GMT-6)
Mexicali, BCN (GMT-8)
México City, MEX (GMT-6)
Monterrey, NLE (GMT-6)
Morelia, MIC (GMT-6)
Nuevo Laredo, NLE (GMT-6)
Puebla, PUE (GMT-6)
Saltillo, COA (GMT-6)
San Luis Potosí, SLP (GMT-6)
Tampico, VER (GMT-6)
Tijuana, BCN (GMT-8)
Toluca, MEX (GMT-6)
Torreón, COA (GMT-6)
Veracruz, VER (GMT-6)

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