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A recent Toronto Star article asserted that there are now five super powers: the United States, of course, plus the European Union, Russia, China and India. The United States is still the strongest militarily but the others have, each in its own way, been growing rapidly in economic strength. There are also numerous other countries and regions with rapid growth economies such as Brazil and other parts of South America, parts of the Middle East, and many individual countries in Asia.

We are used to the idea that many of these growing economies are selling us cheap products while stealing our jobs, but as they have grown and become richer, they are now demanding products and services that we can supply to them. For instance, it was recently reported that the extremely expensive luxury British-made car, the Bentley, sells more vehicles in Beijing than in London. And the most popular car of all in Beijing is the Canadian built Chrysler 300 series. It's not just cars, of course. Many other products for families and business are selling in these developing countries, so there has never been a better time to start looking at the big world market out there.

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We carried out the following assignment for a software company who were planning simultaneous entry into several different key markets around the world....

The client had developed web-based software for dynamic allocation of the worldwide computing resources of clients.  We advised them on global marketing strategies and on obtaining government assistance for marketing their software.

The following was for a medical equipment manufacturer entering world markets with an innovative imaging product:

We provided a range of services to the client, including helping them to developing a global marketing strategy; arranging for regulatory testing for the US and European markets; identifying and negotiating after sales support services in Europe, and advising them on setting up an export office for exports to U.S.A., Japan and Europe.