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Get Answers
about CE Marking your Product

The questions we hear most from new clients are:

1. What is CE marking?

2. Does our product need CE marking?

3. Can we self-certify?

4. Will we need to use a testing laboratory?

5. Will involvement by a Notified Body be necessary?

6. What will certification cost?

If you would like the answers to any of these questions, please send us the following information:

- a brief description of the product (including what it is for or what it does)

- a photograph (or a link to a website where it can be seen)

If we need more information, we will ask you once we have seen your email.

Please send to:

PLEASE NOTE: the great majority of products DO NOT require involvement by a Notified Body or the use of a testing lab.

If you prefer a free telephone briefing, please call Tony Baker at 416-500-7287.


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